Maximize efficiency, productivity, and performance with the right workplace. Improve your working experience and enjoy your work because of where you work. At 640 Professional Building, we have it all for you:

  • Professional set up – ready to move in

  • Permanent or pay-as-you-go options

  • Customize services for you – only pay for what you need

  • Flexible office space options as your business grows

  • No upfront capital – all necessary optics provided

  • Amenities to help make your business thrive


Why You Should Choose 640 Professional Building

The right workspace inspires and empowers professionals, entrepreneurs, and businesses to thrive, grow, and flourish. It’s like that secret ingredient that energizes you and helps you feel better leading to more focus and to more done. Whether you’re just starting out or expanding your business, our flexible and comfortable office spaces will bring out the best in you. 

Since 2007, 640 Professional Building has been offering premier offices and co-working spaces in the heart of Medicine Hat’s historical downtown district. With our unique concept, our upscale, conducive, and luxurious work environments have been known throughout Medicine Hat and East Alberta. We have also been dubbed as a premier hub of business growth and development in the area. 

640 Professional Building is more than just office spaces. Business happens here! From private offices to spacious conference rooms, we cater to all your needs. And we have everything to help you get it done.

Flexible Office


Spaces Whether you’re a professional or a small to mid-sized business, we have offices for everyone. Each of our flexible and spacious office spaces is fully furnished and is ready for you to move in at once. Each office space also allows companies to carve out their very own dedicated and branded workspace. In addition to that, our sleek and modern meeting rooms have everything you need to get the most out of presentations and meetings. With this professional setup, you can maintain a productive work environment that will surely impress clients.

Recharging Amenities

We also don’t forget the importance of recharging areas. Our offices and workspaces are complete with common are amenities. And this comes with fully equipped kitchens and flavorful hot and cold beverage sites. Our space also comes with a fitness center complete with showers. We make sure that you not only have a space to work productively but also a space to recharge to power through your workload. 


Designed for professionals and business owners, our memberships offer dedicated desks and flexible seats. It is complemented by certain amenities and meeting space perks. 

The Flexibility of a Short Lease

640 Professional Building offers the best options for your budget needs. We have spaces available for short term commitments and part-time or virtual commitments. We also have dedicated long term offices. 

Networking Opportunities

At 640 Professional Building, you not only get a workspace but also the opportunity to join a business community of like-minded individuals. This offers a great deal of networking benefits. You can build your professional image, be included in local events, build business referrals and connections, and access new opportunities. 

Whether you’re just starting or looking to expand your operation, our shared office spaces can provide you an ideal working environment. Adaptable and streamlined, our shared offices are designed to meet the needs of modern professionals and businesses. We do this while keeping costs down and minimizing extraneous work on your part. So, take the first steps today towards working in our collaborative environment. Don’t wait. Revolutionize your workspace and your work.

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