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We believe that there is more that goes into a workspace than just good ambiance. It should also cater to your needs to be able to grow and flourish. That is why our workspaces are collaborative efforts. You tell us what works best. And we do our best to serve.  

There is a wide range of 640PB dedicated office spaces for you to choose from. We have been accommodating companies with the needs of one regular or executive office up to a large team needing a whole wing. You also have the option to choose between a fully furnished or unfurnished office.

640PB dedicated office space gives you 24/7 access to all our amenities that will help you at work. This includes meeting rooms or boardrooms, resource centers, and storage facilities. We also offer common area amenities such as corporate lounge rooms, fully equipped kitchens, and hot and cold beverage sites. 640PB also has a fitness center on-site complete with showers. 

We are also dedicated to helping you grow, achieving your goals, and getting more done. That is why we also offer other benefits and services to help you focus on your aims. We are your support team. From reception and IT to accounting, logistics, call transfers, and catering, we have your back. We also offer security, on-site property management, and other professional services. 

In addition to all those, we also offer dedicated offices that are best suited to your needs and budget. We have space available for short term commitments and part-time or virtual office needs. And we also have dedicated offices for permanent or long-term commitments. Our fees are affordable and flexible. 

Permanent Rental Amenities Included

  • Internet & Telephone Line Ready

  • Professional Services

  • Meeting Rooms / Boardrooms

  • Resources Centers

  • Common Area Amenities

  • Corporate Lounge Rooms

  • Fully Equipped Kitchens

  • Fitness Center with Shower

  • Storage Facility

  • Repair & Maintenance

  • Utility Fees Included

  • Janitorial / Cleaning

  • Payroll Assistance

  • Reception Services

  • Flavorful Hot & Cold Beverage Sites

  • Confidential Paper Shredding

  • Local Newspaper

  • Security / Video Surveillance

  • On-site Property Management


Benefits of Having a 640PB Dedicated Office

The most prevalent benefit of having a 640PB dedicated office space is having that space all to yourself. Each team member has their own spot on the daily. And you can store your personal belongings in your desks without worry. 

You can also tailor it to your needs as well as the needs of your business and the needs of your clients. It also creates efficient collaboration within your team. And at the same time, this generates a stronger team culture, improved productivity, and enhanced creativity. 

Whether you are looking to move out of your home office or looking to establish a more professional base, getting yourself a dedicated office at 640PB will help boost your productivity. It will also give you better work experience. And we here at 640 PB will strive to ensure that your work environment runs as smoothly as possible. 

We take into consideration every little detail to make sure you can focus on work. And we also continue to evolve to efficiently respond to your requests and suggestions. As you or your business grows, our flexibility will also allow us to adapt our support and services to your evolving needs. We do what we can so you can do what you are good at. So, why keep waiting? Upgrade your workspace and boost your creativity and productivity today.

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